Friday 24 January 2014

let the fun continue!

So here we are, nearly the end of January 2014.

I really hope that everyone had relaxing vacations and a nice January so far!
We spent some beautifull days in France, appreaciating family time, nature and potato picking!
Sometimes all you need is a little escape from everyday life to sit back, relax and realise how blessed you are in your life as it is and how many more possibilities there are in it.

Before I even realise it a year has passed ~ and what a year indeed.
There are not enough words, pictures or thoughts, able to describe all these that 2013 brought and changed in my life, in my family's life and in so many others'.
I am very thankfull for all the great moments I was given by God, all the wonderfull people that were added in my life this year and I honestly cannot wait to see what 2014 holds for me and for all of us.

New year resolution is a nice way to set your goals on a list but I dearly prefer to start this new year with a fresh look on life and try to view my every day with positive thoughts.
I found somewhere on pinterest a quote from Walt Disney:
and I couldn't agree more.

Thus my sole goal for 2014 is to have the strenght
to make more of my dreams come true. 
For creativity, family, education, career, home, you name it.

And after that... 
Well dream some more!  

Have a splendid 2014 everyone! 

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Christmas twist to a simple cake

Apples are a must in our house, we both love them. Fresh, baked, in an apple sauce or in a classic apple pie! A couple of days ago, I made a easy, simple but delicious apple cake. The Holiday mood was in the air and I was listening to some favourite Christmas songs.Watching our sweet little kerstboom and our holiday decorations, serving the cake in a simple way, just didn't seem enough. So I decided to give it a Christmas feeling!

Beaty lies in the details!
And these details are in your house already, you don't have to go searching for cake decorations, special frosting or anything. 
(Although I honestly adore all these super cute cake decorations!!) 

Begin by adding some icing sugar on the top of your cake. 
Who can not relate Christmas holidays with snow? And if your cake is a chocolate one, the contrast will be even better. If you don't like sugar you can quickly make a white frosting which is also super easy or sprinkle some coconut flakes.

Then tie a red plaid ribbon around your cake. Make a nice bow in the end. Already looking fantastic!

Of course you can decorate with a variaty of candies or tiny ornaments! It depents on your creativity and time! But you can also keep it simple instead. 

Finally give some attention to the table decorations with a little branch of pine and some christmas ornament. 
And voilà your dessert is more christmassy than ever!


How do you like to decorate your cakes for Christmas? 
Happy holidays!!

Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas soundtracks

All the moments in my life have a song playing in the backround,
usually I´m the only one to hear it.
Τhe moments that have no song, have a pause. And my (so loved)music teachers have taught me how important and powerfull pause is!

Every Christmas so far had a different soundtrack/mix. And usually I find out the full list of songs after the holidays are over.
Songs filled with love, warmth, family moments, sweet and spicy, smiles and all sort of feelings.

Here are some holiday playlists I love:

Best of Christmas
by the adored blogger Sarah Kieffer who gave me the idea for this post.  You can find her here and there.

Swinging Christmas -good old christmas-songs

I've got my love to keep me warm -old fashioned, vintage, jazzy, warm and fuzzy

Merry X´mush -Indie jingles ho ho ho

A Charlie Brown Christmas -sweet favorite

December: Heading Home - electronic, house, indie

Can't wait to see what this holiday soundtrack will bring!
Happy Holidays everyone!

(by the way, these sweet little Christmas trees are chocolate covered marzipan yummy trees... oh my do I love Dutch sweets..!)